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AA Removals Recycling & Green Policy

At AA Removals and Storage, we have a proven commitment to carrying out our services in the most environmentally friendly way possible, implementing a first rate recycling and green policy throughout our practices.We developed an enviromental policy and have:

  • Completed a waste audit, setting up as many recycling streams as possible, eg collecting and donating unwanted furniture to charity

  • Committed to the ongoing education of staff on reducing energy and water consumption

  • Developed an environmentally aware transport plan, including encouraging staff to cycle to work

  • Completed a water audit and achieved a reduction of over 5% in water consumption. We will carry out a biannual audit

  • Reduced emissions from vehicles, as per the Low Emissions Zone requirements, and encouraged fuel efficient methods of driving. All our HGV vehicles are less than five years old. All are regularly inspected and well-maintained

  • Committed to recycling all the card packaging and paper packing used on jobs and in our offices